7 Reasons Why People Boycott Microsoft

It has been a known fact that Bill Gates is the richest man in the world. He is the CEO and founder of Microsoft. What not most people know is that he has been consistent in pushing the immigration laws of the United States. In its simple sense, he thinks that the country should allow infinite immigrants who have degrees in Math, Engineering, Technology, and Science. As we know, these are the high paying jobs in the workforce industry. Many Americans think that this is absurd because this could mean losing their jobs just because Bill Gates wants cheap labor for his business. Now this is only one among the many reasons to boycott Microsoft.

1. There are far more superior operating systems to use other than Windows, according to MicrosoftOfficeUp.com

And you know what, they are free. An example is the Ubuntu Linux. It is incredibly user-friendly and it comes with free software packages such as the Open Office. You may also install web browsers like Firefox and obtain Thunderbird, its e-mail program. All these for free and even comes in other languages.

2. Microsoft is becoming aggressive in marketing around developing countries.

They pretty much give away their software for free but ultimately, they expire and they would require you to purchase their OS or software to continue using them. As a result, users who have been dependent on their product have no other choice but to purchase a license. Nowadays, it is already a common practice for schools to include teaching Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel into their curriculum. Ultimately, this limits the knowledge of students and the versatility they could obtain instead if they are to use simple text editors and spreadsheet applications.

3. Microsoft comes with EULA or the end user license agreement.

Essentially, it gives rights to their users, but ultimately, more rights are given to Microsoft. An example would be you won’t be allowed to install the operating system you bought to all your computers at home. You are not even allowed to install other operating systems to a device that is already pre-loaded with Windows, for example.

4. Regarding the Genuine Advantage feature.

Basically, it enables your device to connect to Microsoft headquarters so they would have the idea of what is happening to your computers. While they say that this is merely for legal purposes, such as to make sure that your software copy is legitimate, some say that this is in fact a way to obtain personal information you have in your computer. Also if you would replace or add some parts into your computer, you’ll be surprised that you need to buy a new license.

5. Developments in Microsoft are pretty slow.

In a span of five years, Vista was released after XP and they are pretty much the same. Compared to Ubuntu, they usually take 6 months to release an upgrade. Needless to say, Microsoft products are most likely borrowed from other existing companies or absorbed by buying them. In simple words, they swallow their smaller competitions whole.

6. It is obvious that Microsoft is not a fan of compatibility.

Whenever they release new versions of Office, some documents are made into new versions, which make them incompatible with old ones. Thus, users have no choice but to upgrade.

Eighth, Microsoft is an expert in pricing their products. Initially, you may think that your expenses end when you purchase their operating system. But it doesn’t end there. You still have to buy the Office suit since your operating system would be useless without it. In Netherlands, for example, this suit amounts to a staggering $300 to $600.

7. Lastly, their products put the users at risk.

Spyware and virus scanners are still needed upon installation. Why? Because nobody is really safe when using Microsoft. What they are saying is completely different from reality.

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