Are Madden Mobile In-App Purchases Scams?

Your son is addicted to Madden NFL Mobile to the point that he asks you to purchase Madden Mobile coins for him. You have no idea what it is but you know that not giving it to him would mean tantrums. Want to know what the craze is all about? You have come to the right place.

First of all, you should know that these coins or virtual currency should be earned and not bought. Buying coins may even mean you have acquired stolen content and you don’t know it. Ultimately, buying and selling coins or promoting coin selling is against Madden NFL’s Terms of Service. It could even mean banning your son’s account. There are other tools like hacks for Madden Mobile that promises to generate free coins that have popular amongst cheaters.

Basically, when a coin buyer buys items that are cheap from the Auction House, opportunities to buy the same items from players who legitimately acquired their coins are taken away from them. With the fight between legitimate users and the Auction House Coin Buyers, the latter would surely win. Imagine how this kind of system would slow down the progress of those who obtain coins with their own skills, while others just purchase items in the Auction House.

madden-nfl-mobile-playing-the-gameSimply put, coin buyers build teams without rightfully earning this and yet, they are the ones who win over legitimate players in head-to-head games. The rewards of packs and coins eventually go to the coin buyers instead of the ones who really deserve it.

Also, one must know the risk that is included in being a coin buyer. Some coin sellers may not be legitimate that they only want to steal log-in information. Once the transaction is set, they could easily steal information, and later on, steal stuff from the account of the coin buyer.

Overall, to level the playing field, players should earn coins legitimately through the Solo Callenges and follow the Grinder’s Guides in case a coin buyer would buy in the Auction House. Also remember not to be fooled by scams and free offers all over the internet. They might compromise the safety of your account.

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