Best strategies for Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

EA knows that we can’t just get enough of twirling lightsabers and shooting bowcasters so they decided we should get another Star Wars game but this time it’s for our mobile games.

There are a lot of games on the mobile game market that specializes on “hero summoning” or “collect-em-all” genres; so what sets Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes (SWGOH for short) apart? Well, I can’t deny that I myself downloaded this just for the sake of the name Star Wars. People follow franchises, thus SWGOH. It doesn’t take much advertisement to release such a game with a very large fan base, all EA needed to do was release the game during the Force Awakens hype. We know you all know about this, so enough chitchat and let’s go to the strategies.

Starting Off

As soon as you start the game, you get a tutorial sequence (which you can opt out of) and we strongly suggest that you finish this quest for a reward.

Getting Shards the Easy Way

There are many things you can do to advance yourself in SWGOH but one thing that stands between newbies and advanced players are how much shards they have in their disposal. By using Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes unlimited crystals & credits hack tool is a surefire way to guarantee yourself some free shards fast and easy.

Finishing your quests

This really doesn’t need any explanation since most games will actually require you to finish off your quests in order to progress. That said, you have to keep in mind that specific stages leads to different rewards and each reward is vital to being stronger in the game so you will have to farm stages to level up.

Quest rewards

Each quest yields different rewards, from training bots to equipment, and even character shards (hard mode only). Be sure to check out the “Rewards” section so you won’t waste any energy farming quests that would not be beneficial to you. Quests are only way to get shards without buying them in the cantina shop.

Training bots and gear

Make sure that you only use what your character needs to level up when using training bots. This is to make sure that you don’t waste any credits by using too much 1 star droids. Another reward that you should look out for is the character equipment. Each character has a specific set of gear that increases their base stats. After completing a gear set, you could advance your character and make them even stronger. This process, however, removes the current gear set and urges you to complete the next set until you fully upgrade your character.

Light Side and Dark Side battles

Did you notice that your characters have their affinities written on their cards? This means that that certain character can only be used for their affinity side battles. For example, Darth Vader can’t be used for Light Side battles, and same goes for Grand Master Yoda when it comes to Dark Side battles. It’s best to have 3 different party setups to go with this: 1 light side team, 1 dark side team, and 1 mixed team of choice for specific matches.


Some characters have a certain “bonus” when in party with other characters. They provide additional stats that make your team stronger. These synergies are available on all cards and it is up to you to discover them.


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