Does Procter and Gamble Test their products on animals?

There has been a recent chaos in public, blaming the American multinational consumer goods company Procter and Gamble for testing their products on animals and cruelty to animals while they are still alive. This has caused uproar among the animal right activists all over the world who are outraged because of this in-humane practice.

According to a UK based website ‘Uncaged’, Procter and Gamble has admitted using animals including guinea pigs, rodents, ferrets, hamsters and mice for their so-called product safety research.

The research includes insertion of harmful chemicals and toxins into these animals, making them eat the chemicals. This is not all; it is believed that these animals are not given even the most basic animals rights as they await their turn to get tested on.

“P&G are engineering ultra-tiny ‘nano’ particles that can penetrate skin and hair in ways that naturally occurring molecules don’t.” Uncaged, November 2012.*

The nanosoot particles these animals are forced to inhale contaminate their lungs, and that’s the basic idea, the company wants to see HOW MUCH damage these particles can cause to lungs.

According to Uncaged*, a few animals that were being tested on died before the test could be concluded; the main reason for their death was improper care; there were at least 9 rats that were deprived of water during the testing. Hamsters also died of illness after they were kept in plastic cages; the sad part is the scientists knew that these cages would be harmful to the anima. The laboratory cage itself induces stress.

However, P&G denies this and has published the alternative research strategies they are now using and the cost they are paying to conduct those researches.

“We have developed more than 50 non-animal testing methods and invested more than $330 million in research and development in finding these alternatives.” Says Animal Welfare and alternatives. **

“We have also reduced the need for animal tests by developing technologies such as in vitro cell culture tests, advanced chemistry methods, and cultured human tissue. We recently spent $3 million on a new research program that creates in vitro skin and cornea equivalents as alternatives to animal testing.” Says the article, We are Committed to Eliminating Research involving Animals on P&G website. ***

Not only this, but the company also claims to be at the forefront in eliminating this cruelty towards animals all over the world. About 99 percent of their researches involve the alternative methods of research, the remaining one percent includes those allowed by law or when no other alternatives or options are left.

But the news is P&G has been lying about the fact that they are now trying alternative methods. Despite all what they say the company is still using the animals as their test subject, obviously keeping it a secret.

Uncaged* believes that P&G is aware of its cruelty and how it appalls people. However instead of changing their methods the company invests huge sums of money in PR to twist the truth and present a decent version of their animal testing.

According to the vast researches made by Uncaged, despite of condemning the act and publishing the reports stating the use of alternative methods, P&G is still involved in the cruel act of mistreating animals and displaying its soft image to the world by telling lies. Because there are so many basic life products that P&G is manufacturing, and each one of it touches our lives on a daily basis, so it practically rules the lives of masses. Uncaged urges on boycotting the products.


Uncaged claims that it is all about money for P&G and money is the only way to make them understand the severity of their actions. Uncaged believes that boycotting P&G will help save thousands of innocent animal that have to undergo cruel testing and die because of it.

But the sad part is it seems highly unlikely that P&G will face any serious consequences and it seems that not many people will choose to or can afford to boycott this consumer goods manufacturing giant.