Obstacles to Overcome in Crossy Road

Obstacles are non-interactive and solid hindrances in completing a run. While other obstacles are natural, such as trees, there are also mascots which serve as obstacles. For every lane, obstacles may differ. Some of the obstacles cannot be dealt with easily and they could cause the players to be trapped or worse, killed. Using the Crossy Road coin hacks is the way to go to solve this problem. Read on to find out more about different obstacles in the game.

1. Rocket Truck
This obstacle is included in the Micro Update. This truck together with non-train automobiles appear on roads only. While roads are normal, seeing rocket trucks is rare. They only appear on road lanes where there are trucks. They usually come in singles. The appearance of this obstacle is like a truck with light-green color it has gray and orange stripes, as well as a white rocket on its back. It has a total of eight wheels. This obstacle has the capacity of exploding upon impact.

2. Cars
This is the most common obstacle in Crossy Road. They are found on roads and sometimes, they produce music, thus, the appearance of musical notes. Seeing cars is common. Contact with it gives imminent death since just one hit could make your mascot dead.

3. Police Cars
Police cars, like any other cars, appear on roads. But seeing them is a rare event. They are lethal as well since once hit could get your mascot killed. These cars look like police cars and are the same size as normal cars. The colors of the police car are blue and white. They have light bars above them that flash.

4. Gas Truck
Gas trucks only appear on roads but seeing them is rare. They are also lethal since being hit will immediately kill your mascot. These gas trucks look like the ones in real life. They are cyan-colored at the front, and their back is colored grey and blue. They puff gas clouds and they have six wheels. Upon impact, this vehicle explodes. It also runs over mascots standing in front of them.

5. Eagle
The Eagle is the universal enemy of majority of the mascots. It looks like a bald eagle with a brown body and white head. It is bigger than the player, and can easily pick them up. However, it is easy to avoid. Just keep on moving forward and do not stay idle for more than five seconds.

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