Organize Your Restaurant in World Chef with Gold and Gems

When playing the game of World Chef, one of the most important things is on laying out your restaurant in an intelligent way. By maximizing your layouts in the game, you also maximize your profit by fitting more people in the restaurant. You can also fit more workers and storage spaces, as well as other addons that are designed to optimize the earning of gold.

Here is the best way to organize your restaurant:

  • Start with the entrance and think about how that will impact your foot traffic. Make sure there is ample room for your customers to stand outside in case there is a way. There should be lots of pretty decorations and calming upgrades outside that will satisfy your customers while they wait.
  • Strategically place your kitchen. By having the kitchen neatly organized and in a layout that is designed for efficiency, you can have your kitchen running in tip top shape.
  • Line up the tables and in close quarters to fit as many tables as you can. A customer not served is gold that is lost and gone. By aiming to fit as many people as you can, you can always get more gold earned per day. Unlike real world, World Chef’s customers won’t be too fussy about being seated next to each other in close quarters.

After you have accumulated much of the needed, it’s time to upgrade your restaurant. There are many different themes available for you to choose from. Modern decorations is a popular one that is available once you hit level 9, with 13 different types of decorations available in the theme. This is a big upgrade from the classic decorations you’ve been stuck on since the level 1 so it’s easy to go crazy when making purchases on decorations.

To acquire decorations, costs gems – a premium resource in game. Gems can be purchased by using the gold, that you earn from running your restaurant. This conversion cycle requires you to always have ample supply of gems. When you are short of gems, there are gold hack available on pages like World Chef Help that has online gem generation features.

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