What Disasters in Games like Virtual Families Can Teach Us About

Many things can go wrong in Virtual Families 2’s house. First you plan out the house from foundation and start adding walls and windows and furniture. When you run out of money to do that, you get a job to do more of the game. You can also accelerate this process by using money hack but this is not what the official developers want you to do.

One of the things that can go wrong is disasters and accidents. Like Sims, Virtual Families 2 has a set of events that can trigger accidents. Oven left on for too long? It can result in a fire that results in messy clean up and financial hardship if you weren’t lucky enough to apply for insurance.

Oldest age to have baby is very mixed, some reporting up to 75 years old birthing babies. GROSS. But this is possible through having lots of money and fertility care in   . Another popular use of cheat is for proposals.

It is not always guaranteed that your loved one will accept the proposal. Sometimes, you need to spend more money on fancy engagement rings. Sometimes, you will have to do some puzzles or buy him or her a perfume.

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