Why some consumers are creating a movement to boycott Amazon

Amazon has turned to be our addiction with its amazing offers and extremely low prices. The list is growing but what has come out to many is their desire to put publishers and booksellers out of business. They have well mastered the art of what we need and used to their advantage: convenience and low cost.

The low prices in books is rather a bait to lure people towards purchasing other products. It’s not borne out of kind-heartedness and no one should be cheated about this. We love bargains, yes. Everyone does but Amazon will have it all when they put every other bookstore out of market. We may love the low prices but wait till the command the market as the only bookseller. Customers love a variety, freedom to choose but this is what we may not have in future with the current trend seen in Amazon. For those who love books and the unimaginable culture books can inculcate in the society, this maybe one reason they may not like Amazon with their spirit of killing other booksellers.

Despite the appealing low prices, the working conditions under which Amazon employees works are regrettable. The employees work for long hours with a minimal pay. No one would love that. I mean, having a friend or a relative working on a poor health just because the employer is selfish enough is something would make one avoid shopping at Amazon. You can only obtain a few sick leave within a month if you don’t want to put your job in jeopardy. There is pressure to deliver to the set high targets and when not met, this is followed by threats of dismissal. As much as the company rakes million dollars, the employees are left drained and highly unmotivated.

To reduce operational costs, Amazon uses agency to on-board workers who are forced to work on casual basis being promised permanent positions if they work hard which most of the times turns out to be a lie. It’s a marketing tool that these agencies use just to get people through the door and once they are in, the game changes. This is actually the case when it comes to foreign markets, they exploit the locals and in most of the cases will end up in court for failing to honor their tax obligations.

Amazon may have juicy reviews but don’t be cheated. These reviews are fake. The company is notorious for not following up on their own rules regarding reviews. They would pick the ones that speaks well about the company, demeaning to other bookstores or what makes the company have a name out there. They wouldn’t just let bad or negative reviews be on their website. Unsuspecting customer would have the notion that this is the best online shop to make purchases. It’s rather unethical and unprofessional which adds to why we would rather have an expensive online shop than Amazon.

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